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I beg to differ from the definition above. Minimalism is not just the lack of something, on the contrary it is the presence of clarity and structure in design. There are lots of things that come to mind when one talks about ‘Minimal Design’, but what really is minimalism in its true sense? Let’s explore a few aspects of minimalism before we come back to analysing the definition.

  • Simple designs that support functionality
  • Clean and structured
  • Muted color palettes
  • Natural elements and resources that go back to the basics.
  • Reinventing what exists into something that has a pleasing aesthetic

As a creative person, one needs to realise that minimalism cant have boundaries and definitions. It’s simply a form of design that is focussed on function. And this trend has had a major impact on how we perceive design in both fashion and interior worlds.

Vision Board Ideas for Minimal Design:

  • Silhouettes – Create clean, immaculate and sharp silhouettes that contribute to the overall aesthetic for interior design. On the other hand, fashion gives the liberty of choosing asymmetrical and unusual silhouettes and still make it look minimal and simple.

Minimalism in Design

  • Minimalism in Design
  • Color, color what color do you choose? – Opt for muted palettes and neutral colors with a few contrasts by adding slight pops of color. Minimalism in Design
  • Textural difference – Choosing the right material is vital. This can make or break your entire aesthetic. Learn all about textures and the right way to use them here (add link of this blog when uploading)Fashion Design Course
  • Layer away –  Don’t hesitate to layer up a bit. Layers when done rightly add a structured definition to designs and elevate spaces. Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design Course

Above all minimalism, in its true form, is nothing but absence of excess clutter and chaos in a manner that elevates design and enhances the raw nature of elements and spaces. We must remember that while exploring new and relatively modern styles we should respect the natural beauty of elements as it is.

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