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As we move into a more tech-inspired lifestyle each year, we are also moving into a mindset of incorporating technology into everything. A bold color with a digital vibe to it – A.I. Aqua. It is seen prominently in the tech industry and is already making appearances in the fashion and interior world.

Colors have their own way to play with our minds. Blue tones have always been associated with calmness and focus. A lot of major global companies have used blue as their brand color successfully. A.I. Aqua has a digital affinity like no other color. It emotes positivity and has a futuristic appeal. This tone of blue is really stylish and very marketable.

Vision Board Ideas for A.I. Aqua:

  • This color is multifaceted in its utility. Think of flowy, iridescent materials to give your garments that future forward look.

Fashion Design Course

  • Use a tonal/color contrast or textural contrast to add another dimension in your interior designs. Usage of raw and rustic materials will also add another layer of contrast to the overall product.

Fashion Design CourseFashion Design Course

  • Shine, shine and shine on! Whoever said the shimmery times aren’t here to stay? Using a metallic shimmer with A.I Aqua will definitely add a touch of classy glamour to garments/accessories/interior elements.

Fashion Design Course

  • Spring-Summer Color Trend: A.I. Aqua will be the color palette for the Spring-Summer season. A culmination of the calm vibes of blue with the sparks of electric feelings that this tone of blue ignites is the perfect pick for lifting our spirits up.

Fashion Design Course

  • In a tech-driven progressive environment, immersive experiences and versatility are essential. Gear up for a season of tech trends to take over the design world. For more such content follow FIDA- The Design School on Facebook and Instagram. Admissions are now open for Diploma and Post Graduation courses in Fashion Design. Click here to know more!

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