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From ‘scarf as a top’ to ‘chunky boots’, we got you covered with all the lockdown fashion trends. Learn how to be a trendsetter with diploma courses in fashion design at FIDA The Design School

With the covid era settling in, many fashion trends bubbled up but only a few of them really made it big! Here’s 5 Fashion Trends that were ultimate head turners this season. 

  • WFH Collection

As more companies are opening up to the idea of a longer term with the ‘work from home’ setup, it’s essential to up your fashion game while being comfortable as you would prefer to be at home. 

FIDA Recommends: Choose light and bright colors, soft and comfortable fabrics like cotton and cotton blends to help you feel at home yet look fresh and vibrant for that video conference.

Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design Course

Sustainable Fashion and Minimal Wardrobes

 Amidst everything happening, incomes are being cut off and savings are on the verge of depletion, it’s time to be smart and invest in more sustainable fashion. Minimalism is your best friend in times of peril.

FIDA Recommends: Invest in classics that will never go out of style. Always keep a balance of neutral colors and pops of bold in your wardrobe.

Fashion Design Course

  • Reuse and Reinvent

 It’s time to put on our creative hats and make the best of what we have. There are many ideas to take inspiration right from ‘scarf as a top’ trend to the ‘oversized shirt as a dress’ rocker! You can try all  trends, but always remember to stick to one that suits your body type. Here are some of my personal favourites..

Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design Course

FIDA Recommends: You can try repurposing old fabrics and clothes to restitch them into something new. You could also try a wardrobe swap with your best friend and create new outfits!

  • Masked Elegance

Now that face masks have become the new normal we might as well embrace it in style. You can opt for hand painted, embroidered, embellished, quirky prints or even diy and stitch one at home.

FIDA Recommends: Use your mask not just for safety but as a fashion accessory, think about co-ordinating the color/print of your mask with your outfit or maybe go for a contrast to add a pop of color. 

Fashion Design Course

  • Loungewear

Whoever said loungewear is just for home? While most of us are all working from home, those who have started going back to their offices find it difficult to slip back into smart casuals and feel comfortable throughout the day. For all such people – try to incorporate your loungewear into your everyday work wear. 

FIDA Recommends: Be smart with your choices, your satin sleep shirt paired with classy slacks can go from being a regular outfit to a smart yet comfortable one.

Fashion Design Course

In conclusion, you are your own style icon. Always choose comfort and class over trendy and something that’s just not you! 

At INIFD we push students to put their best foot forward and bridge the gap between knowledge and creativity. Join us to learn and be guided by experts to make your way into the fashion world! 

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