An Industrial visit by our Interior Designing aspirants


We have visited a site which was under construction and has said to write a report on it.


  • To gain experience in building material science.
  • To develop a report writing skills.
  • To understand practical site challenges


 NAME:   Adobe Apartment

 TYPE OF  BUILDING: Low Rise Residential Complex.


The main reason for choosing the site is for the observation process and to see the theoretical knowledge being fitted in practice is that this construction site was implementing all the theory we have gone through the stage.


  • Since the site was next to “koovam” river, the soil bearing capacity is low so Raft foundation was chosen.
  • The construction of the building foundation was almost completed.
  •  Since it rained, the water stagnated on the site was a good advantage, they need not have to do the curing process and jump to the next process of construction which consumed less time.
  • Due to rain, the construction sand was damp and a lot of wastage due to erosion had occurred.
  •  Since it is a dead end, the area is calm, which is an idle place for residence.
  •  The unique point of the apartment is that it has the separate terrace for all the four flat.
  • The USP of the apartment is that it has 5 schools in the 1km radius.

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Ms. Ayswarya. K &  Ms.Sakshi M Bihani, 
Interior Design Students
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