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As we move into a more tech-inspired lifestyle each year, we are also moving into a mindset of incorporating technology into everything. A bold color with a digital vibe to it – A.I. Aqua. It is seen prominently in the tech industry and is already making appearances in the fashion and interior world.

Colors have their own way to play with our minds. Blue tones have always been associated with calmness and focus. A lot of major global companies have used blue as their brand color successfully. A.I. Aqua has a digital affinity like no other color. It emotes positivity and has a futuristic appeal. This tone of blue is really stylish and very marketable.

Vision Board Ideas for A.I. Aqua:

  • This color is multifaceted in its utility. Think of flowy, iridescent materials to give your garments that future forward look.

Fashion Design Course

  • Use a tonal/color contrast or textural contrast to add another dimension in your interior designs. Usage of raw and rustic materials will also add another layer of contrast to the overall product.

Fashion Design CourseFashion Design Course

  • Shine, shine and shine on! Whoever said the shimmery times aren’t here to stay? Using a metallic shimmer with A.I Aqua will definitely add a touch of classy glamour to garments/accessories/interior elements.

Fashion Design Course

  • Spring-Summer Color Trend: A.I. Aqua will be the color palette for the Spring-Summer season. A culmination of the calm vibes of blue with the sparks of electric feelings that this tone of blue ignites is the perfect pick for lifting our spirits up.

Fashion Design Course

  • In a tech-driven progressive environment, immersive experiences and versatility are essential. Gear up for a season of tech trends to take over the design world. For more such content follow FIDA- The Design School on Facebook and Instagram. Admissions are now open for Diploma and Post Graduation courses in Fashion Design. Click here to know more!

Top 5 Lockdown Fashion Trends That Walked Into 2021 -FIDA

From ‘scarf as a top’ to ‘chunky boots’, we got you covered with all the lockdown fashion trends. Learn how to be a trendsetter with diploma courses in fashion design at FIDA The Design School

With the covid era settling in, many fashion trends bubbled up but only a few of them really made it big! Here’s 5 Fashion Trends that were ultimate head turners this season. 

  • WFH Collection

As more companies are opening up to the idea of a longer term with the ‘work from home’ setup, it’s essential to up your fashion game while being comfortable as you would prefer to be at home. 

FIDA Recommends: Choose light and bright colors, soft and comfortable fabrics like cotton and cotton blends to help you feel at home yet look fresh and vibrant for that video conference.

Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design Course

Sustainable Fashion and Minimal Wardrobes

 Amidst everything happening, incomes are being cut off and savings are on the verge of depletion, it’s time to be smart and invest in more sustainable fashion. Minimalism is your best friend in times of peril.

FIDA Recommends: Invest in classics that will never go out of style. Always keep a balance of neutral colors and pops of bold in your wardrobe.

Fashion Design Course

  • Reuse and Reinvent

 It’s time to put on our creative hats and make the best of what we have. There are many ideas to take inspiration right from ‘scarf as a top’ trend to the ‘oversized shirt as a dress’ rocker! You can try all  trends, but always remember to stick to one that suits your body type. Here are some of my personal favourites..

Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design Course

FIDA Recommends: You can try repurposing old fabrics and clothes to restitch them into something new. You could also try a wardrobe swap with your best friend and create new outfits!

  • Masked Elegance

Now that face masks have become the new normal we might as well embrace it in style. You can opt for hand painted, embroidered, embellished, quirky prints or even diy and stitch one at home.

FIDA Recommends: Use your mask not just for safety but as a fashion accessory, think about co-ordinating the color/print of your mask with your outfit or maybe go for a contrast to add a pop of color. 

Fashion Design Course

  • Loungewear

Whoever said loungewear is just for home? While most of us are all working from home, those who have started going back to their offices find it difficult to slip back into smart casuals and feel comfortable throughout the day. For all such people – try to incorporate your loungewear into your everyday work wear. 

FIDA Recommends: Be smart with your choices, your satin sleep shirt paired with classy slacks can go from being a regular outfit to a smart yet comfortable one.

Fashion Design Course

In conclusion, you are your own style icon. Always choose comfort and class over trendy and something that’s just not you! 

At INIFD we push students to put their best foot forward and bridge the gap between knowledge and creativity. Join us to learn and be guided by experts to make your way into the fashion world! 

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Vision Board – Minimalism in Design – FIDA

I beg to differ from the definition above. Minimalism is not just the lack of something, on the contrary it is the presence of clarity and structure in design. There are lots of things that come to mind when one talks about ‘Minimal Design’, but what really is minimalism in its true sense? Let’s explore a few aspects of minimalism before we come back to analysing the definition.

  • Simple designs that support functionality
  • Clean and structured
  • Muted color palettes
  • Natural elements and resources that go back to the basics.
  • Reinventing what exists into something that has a pleasing aesthetic

As a creative person, one needs to realise that minimalism cant have boundaries and definitions. It’s simply a form of design that is focussed on function. And this trend has had a major impact on how we perceive design in both fashion and interior worlds.

Vision Board Ideas for Minimal Design:

  • Silhouettes – Create clean, immaculate and sharp silhouettes that contribute to the overall aesthetic for interior design. On the other hand, fashion gives the liberty of choosing asymmetrical and unusual silhouettes and still make it look minimal and simple.

Minimalism in Design

  • Minimalism in Design
  • Color, color what color do you choose? – Opt for muted palettes and neutral colors with a few contrasts by adding slight pops of color. Minimalism in Design
  • Textural difference – Choosing the right material is vital. This can make or break your entire aesthetic. Learn all about textures and the right way to use them here (add link of this blog when uploading)Fashion Design Course
  • Layer away –  Don’t hesitate to layer up a bit. Layers when done rightly add a structured definition to designs and elevate spaces. Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design Course

Above all minimalism, in its true form, is nothing but absence of excess clutter and chaos in a manner that elevates design and enhances the raw nature of elements and spaces. We must remember that while exploring new and relatively modern styles we should respect the natural beauty of elements as it is.

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Vision Board – Evoke all senses by textural design – FIDA

We believe in what we see, we remember what we feel or touch, we are attracted to certain scents. Modern design; fashion and interior; is all about creating experiences that one does not forget easily. Texture is one of the elements of design that elevates this sensory experience.

Whilst textures can be classified into various categories, the most basic ones are:

  • Rough
  • Smooth
  • Glossy
  • Matte

Vision Board Ideas for Texture:

  • If you cant make it, fake it: wallpapers
  • All things paint: 3d, glossy, lacquered,zinc
  • Drape it away: Lush Velvet and satins for clothes
  • upholstery on the walls for interior
  • Raw and Unfiltered
  • Marble
  • Color Block for visual texture
  • Layer it up

Use the basic elements of design to your highest advantage and always believe in creating experiences that last a lifetime.  For more such content follow FIDA- The Design School on Facebook and Instagram. Admissions are now open for Diploma and Post Graduation courses in Fashion and Interior Design. Click here to know more!


Ffolio 2020 – Annual Graduation Fashion Show

Ffolio by FIDA the design school is an annual fashion show that features original designs made by it’s graduating students. A vital part of design education is learning how to give life to the creative designs that are born in a designer’s mind. 

This show is a platform for all the young designers to explore and gain confidence in their skills. With the opportunity to be inspired from any themes, the students are motivated to produce original and creative garments for the show.  Ffolio is the only show where students have the liberty to bring out unconventional designs focusing on a futuristic and progressive line of clothing.

The show attracts an audience from the industry, high end fashion crowd, parents, teachers, famous personalities and many more which gives the students a boost in their morale as they graduate from one of the best fashion designing institutes in Chennai. 

Here are some sketch to runway stories of our students,, for a more elaborate coverage of the show visit our youtube channel

Fashion Design Course

Student Showcase – Kirti Malpani’s collection inspired by Feminism and Bravery. She took a lot of inspiration from the film Border. Her color palette included camouflage colors and sharp metallics.

Fashion Design Courses

Student Showcase – Jinal Jain’s collection inspired by Romantic Fantasies. As someone who has always been in awe of romance, Jinal chose flowy fabrics and colors like reds and pinks to accentuate her designs.

Fashion Design Course

Student Showcase – Anushka’s collection Fast Forward  inspired by Futurism. She has used very structured silhouettes and detailing on elements to bring life to her futuristic ideas.

Fashion Design Course

Student Showcase – Falguni Khatod’s collection inspired by edgy velvet. Falguni’s bold designs that take after one particular fabric – velvet, make use of a tonal brown color palette.

Fashion Design Course

Student Showcase – Kirubahari’s collection inspired by water. This ‘Shape of Water’ collection is very avant garde and with blue as the main color in her palette, she has experimented with transparent fabrics.

Fashion Design Course

Student Showcase – Deepika Mehta’s collection inspired by Hypnotic Magic. She has presented enticing designs that truly cast a magic spell on everyone.

Fashion Design Course

Student Showcase – Lochan Bhattad’s collection Conscious Chaos inspired by Kaleidoscope choosing a myriad of bright and vibrant colors embellished with bead work. 

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KRITYA 2020 -Annual Interior Design Exhibition celebrating budding interior designers

FIDA The Design School stands proud as an institution that believes in nurturing students to be the best that they can be. And Kritya is proof of that belief. An annual Interior Design exhibit that displays original design solutions created by the students of FIDA and INIFD Chennai. 

Click here to catch a glimpse of Kritya 2020.

Interior Design Course

In Frame: S.Fareeda Khan (Founder/Director, FIDA The Design School) and Mrs. Suma Harris (Entrepreneur/Director of Sarvana Bavaa Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.)

Creativity is given by god and people who create are next to god. So keep that in mind when you create and design something.” – Mrs. Suma Harris. She gave the opening speech that inspired and motivated many young minds to do more of what they love with dedication and hard work.

Kritya serves as a platform not just for budding interior designers to showcase their work but as well as for the audience to be sensitized towards an engaging experience of art, design and originality. 

The invitees/audience include prominent Interior Designers, Architects, Faculty members from Educational institutions and all the parents of the participating students. This enables interaction with the fraternity and fame names of the industry which gives the students a chance to impress and express. 

One of the most major thoughts behind Kritya is to allow theoretical knowledge to morph into practical thinking and application. It’s essential for students to be exposed to this challenge of creating original and functional designs, and Kritya is a building block in the expansion of their creativity.

Design categories in which students can participate are:

1.Product/Sustainable design

2.Trophy design

3.Stage design

4.Point line

5.Photography design

6.Residence design

7.Modular design

8.Packaging design

9.Hobby design

Here are some snapshots of the 4th Edition of Kritya by FIDA The Design School.

Interior Design Course

Interior Design Course

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An Industrial visit by our Interior Designing aspirants


We have visited a site which was under construction and has said to write a report on it.


  • To gain experience in building material science.
  • To develop a report writing skills.
  • To understand practical site challenges


 NAME:   Adobe Apartment

 TYPE OF  BUILDING: Low Rise Residential Complex.


The main reason for choosing the site is for the observation process and to see the theoretical knowledge being fitted in practice is that this construction site was implementing all the theory we have gone through the stage.


  • Since the site was next to “koovam” river, the soil bearing capacity is low so Raft foundation was chosen.
  • The construction of the building foundation was almost completed.
  •  Since it rained, the water stagnated on the site was a good advantage, they need not have to do the curing process and jump to the next process of construction which consumed less time.
  • Due to rain, the construction sand was damp and a lot of wastage due to erosion had occurred.
  •  Since it is a dead end, the area is calm, which is an idle place for residence.
  •  The unique point of the apartment is that it has the separate terrace for all the four flat.
  • The USP of the apartment is that it has 5 schools in the 1km radius.

Done By,


Ms. Ayswarya. K &  Ms.Sakshi M Bihani, 
Interior Design Students
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